Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial Footbridge Dedication

bridge plaque

The new red bridge at Elm Park was dedicated on 12/8/2015 in honor of local philanthropist Myra Hiatt Kraft. The Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial Footbridge replaces one of the iconic Elm Park footbridges which stood for 40 years and was removed in October 2013. The Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial footbridge was designed by Civil and Architectural Engineering students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and built by Worcester Technical High School students. Funding for the new bridge was made possible by the city and the Rotary Club of Worcester, which donated $50,000. The new bridge was designed to honor the aesthetics of the previous bridge and is now fully ADA compliant.

guest of honor

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Robert Kraft and family, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Mayor Petty and City Manager Edward Augustus, invited guests, students and faculty from WPI and Worcester Technical High School. During his remarks Mr. Kraft announced that he and his family would be donating $100,000 to the Painting and Design, Welding, and Carpentry programs at Worcester Technical and an additional $100,000 to WPI to create a scholarship in Mrs. Kraft’s name.

Brenner & Kraft students arrive

Carpentry students deconstructed the old bridge and built the new bridge.

Department Head: Joseph Lonergan

Grade 12 Instructor: Kevin Lussier

Carpentry Students: Adam Swift, Andrew Dallair, Anthony Dimauro, Anthony Pearson, Benjamin Burke, Berwick Lima, Bryan Hernandez, Daniel Kpodo, Enriquo Morales, Jacob Squires, Jasmine Hollins, Jeremy Tretheway, Jordan McGhee, Jose Rosario, Jose Alamo Rosado, Jose Laporte, Joshua Collazo, Julio Rodriguez, Leito Demaio, Maria Sandoval, Nathan Barber, and Tyler Kuhn.

Advanced Manufacturing students created a memorial coin with the school logo on one side and a rendering of the Myra Hiatt Kraft Bridge on the opposite side.

Instructor: Brian Cummings

Students: Michael Ou and Dylan Perkins.


Painting and Design Technology students painted and stained the bridge.

Department Head: Larry Collins

Grade 12 Instructor: Rick Torres

Students: Alice Frimpong, Amanda Servis, Anna Puello, Arianny Paulino, Ashleigh Gagnon, Beatriz DaSilva, Brittany Feliciano, Carlie McArdle, Chaneque Cannalonga, Christina Cronin, Dalena Pham, Edyth Reynoso, Emilia Roemer, Felicia Rodriguez, Isabell Rosa , Jennifer Laino, Juliet Santiago, Karen Silva, Kris Ellen Gillette, Lesleyanne Leiva, Lisandro Solano, Luis Feliciano, Mayra Escobar, Miracle Estrada, Nilka Rodriguez, Rebecca Sarja, Shaleisha Rivera, Sherline Clemente Irizarry, Tabitha Boiquaye, Tatyana Lugo Gardner, Tracy Ho , Tracy Le , Vanessa Nina, and Yliza Fantauzzi.

Hospitality and Tourism students created an inviting cupcake display using a scale model of the Myra Hiatt Kraft footbridge and served guests.

Department Head: Donna Scola

Students: Olivia Harmon, Aiden Duffey, Widnelis Ortiz, Robert Saunders, Kyle Shea, and Brianna Thorin.

students on bridge 2

Culinary students baked and decorated a tasty chocolate cake and three flavors of cupcakes.

Department Head: Kevin Layton

Baking Instructor: DJ Allen

Students: Abegayle Kelly and Israel Diaz.

Graphic Communications students printed ceremonial programs, banners, and embroidered knit hats with a student designed logo of the bridge.

Department Head: Robert Mazzone

Students: Marlon Tobar, Michael Carville, Ryan Lord, and Tymmanie Isales-Santos.

Welding students fabricated the handicap railings and built and installed the bridge support brackets.

Department Head: Gregg L'Esperance

Instructor:  John Langevin

Students: Anthony DePalo, Austin Suprenant, Brian Chin, Brieana Koskie, Cole Colletti, Collins Chege, Daniel Ferrer, Darius Wright, Deirdre Desilets, Dillon Courtemanche, Emily Bitar, Heidi O'Connor, Jack Ryan, Jeffrey Gardner, Joaquin Ocasio, Jose Rodriguez, Justin Dwyer, Kaela Goddard, Kassidy Martin, Leslie Pen, Paul Vanegas, Ryan Smith, Sean Gaffney, Shaun Gilbert, Stephanie Delgado, Tabitha White, Tyler Lufkin, and William White.